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Thank-you for your interest in becoming a preferred contractor for Ausmar Group. Before you begin, please take the time to read the following notes:

  • Please select the Business Unit you are able to service successfully. Each Business Unit has different expectations and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which are tailored to their market.
  • Please note that you cannot save your application and return at a later date – ensure you have COLOUR copies of all licences, insurance details, Work Method Statements and a signed statutory declaration.
  • Please ensure you read all sections thoroughly.
  • By completing this form, you are submitting your interest to your selected Business Unit, this is not an acceptance to be on the preferred contractors list.
  • Once your offer has been reviewed, you will receive a response to whether you were successful or not.
  • A Contractor must complete this Offer in its entirety to ensure the Contractor Offer is a conforming Offer. In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Act Authorisation, by providing information in this Contractor Offer, authority for the Principal to make enquiries as to the credit and financial responsibilities of the Supplier is hereby provided. The authorised enquiries include reports from credit reporting agencies.

Relevant documents required before offer can be submitted: Please DOWNLOAD the below file, and complete as per the instruction on the form. This, along with your other documents will be required before the offer can be completed.

Statutory Declaration:
"QLDstatdec - AIR.pdf"
"ACT Stat Dec.pdf"
"NT Stat Dec.doc"
"NZ Stat Dec.pdf"
"SA Stat Dec.pdf"
"TAS Stat Dec.doc"
"VIC Stat Dec.pdf"
"WA Stat Dec.pdf"
"NSW Stat Dec.doc"


Dear Contractor,

At Ausmar Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to client service. It’s this attention to detail, backed by our years of experience that sets us apart. We’re not a build by numbers, impersonal contractor and despite our growing size we still tailor solutions to our client’s needs. We have the robust systems and the flexibility to innovate, but it’s our eye for small things that leaves a lasting impression.

We constantly aim to exceed every standard in quality to deliver peace of mind and successful outcomes for our clients. At Ausmar Group our focus is on the right people for the right job. We only employ the best, with the correct technical skills to suit the task at hand.

No matter which Business Unit of Ausmar Group you are applying for, there is an across the board need for all our contractors to be on the forefront of their industry and ensure they hold a high regard for not only customer service but health and safety. In these industries, standards are high and businesses are expected to comply with high service and quality standards that we require.

To ensure we are always meeting these requirements, we need an expert team of contractors behind us to help drive the business. We hope that once you have read through this offer, you feel that you and your teams are able to supply the level and experience needed to fulfil our requirements.


Please do not select every business unit unless your business is large enough to service all business units and their individual requirements.
(includes Ausmar Homes, Ausmar Custom Build, Ausmar Commercial and Ausmar Ready Build)
Please select the area(s) for your business:

Ausmar Services cater to some of the largest Commercial,Strata and domestic companies which means they have extremely high Key Performance Indicators which they are heavily monitored on,This means to work for Ausmar Services there are some extra requirements to that of the other Ausmar Business Units.Please read the following to ensure you are able to meet our needs:

Ausmar Group has a presence in all major cities across the country as well as some regional area. Please list the locations you are able to service:

You and you employees will be available during peak time with an embargo between 1st November to 1st April.

Ausmar Group offers an 'Umbrella' business unit structure with 'one-stop-shop' range of services and solutions to a wide range of clients.In order to continue our relationship we must provide our services within the KPI's set out for them.This means that Ausmar Group and their trades must work autonomously in achieving these goals. .

Invoicing is one of the most critical areas that requires prompt invoicing and responses, all trades must adhere to the following:

• All invoices must be submitted same day of completion – Failure to do this on more than one occasion may result in removal from our preferred suppliers list
• All invoices must go to - please note this is a no reply email address, any questions regarding accounts must be phoned through to the main office on 0754426413
• All invoices must contain our Order number (e.g. 15000/555)
• All trades are paid in a fortnightly cycle. Invoices submitted by 4.30pm Thursdays, will be paid in the next fortnightly run.

Please fill the Contractor Details

Legal Entity Name*  
Contractor’s Registered Business Name or Trading Name*  
Contractor’s ACN(If applicable)*  
Contractor’s ABN*  
Is the Contractor registered for GST?*
Postal address*  
Street address (registered office address of the Contractor)*  
Contact Name*  
Contact Email*  
Contact Telephone*  
Bank Details:*
 Bank & Branch*  


By completing this statement and selecting the ‘I agree’ button below I acknowledge that I am authorised to provide this information on behalf of the business as complete, accurate and binding. I declare that all the information I have provided is true and correct and I understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.
I also warrant that all employees of the business will maintain current industry requirements and that all insurance policies shown above will remain current whilst sub-contracting to Ausmar Group.
I Agree

Full Name of person of submitting*

Fill in the Details of Insurance, Licences and Permits


Colour copies of the following insurance Certificate of Currency must be attached:

Policy Type Policy Number Restrictions
Public Liability*
Professional Indemnity


Colour copies of the following insurance Certificate of Currency must be attached:

Licence Type Licence Number Restrictions
QBCC or Other State Held Licence


Colour copies of the following insurance Certificate of Currency must be attached:

Permit Type Permit Number Add More
Safety Introduction Card*
Mandatory for all employees
First Aid Certificate

Statutory Declaration must be filled out and returned to cover all employees, along with all applicable documentation in order for this offer to be conforming.

Please fill the details of Track Record and Experience

Contractors must complete this section with relevant projects that have been undertaken in the last two (2) years and give permission for the Principle to contact the referees identified below.

Project 1* Project 2 Project 3
Contract start date
Contract finish date
Description of works
Delays and reason for delays
Approximate contract value
Reasons for variations
How was the projects risk managed
Referee name, contact number and email address

Quality Assurance

Our relationship with our contractors, trades and suppliers is critical to our business. We are mindful of keeping these relationships on a professional level to ensure continued supply of quality products and services.

There are many aspects of these relationships that we have created that assist us in ensuring that we provide high performing and trouble free products and service.

  1. Your work progresses in a tidy manner, work areas are kept clear of excessive rubbish and work areas are left in a clean and tidy condition.
  2. Your equipment is adequately maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. You and your employees have the appropriate licences and certificates of competency are held where required in the performance of any work.
  4. You and your employees are sufficiently trained and skilled to perform the work in a healthy and safe manner.
  5. All necessary insurances are in place as required by legislation including worker's compensation or personal accident insurance and professional indemnity.

We monitor the performance of contractors and maintain a database of poor performance – which is constantly reviewed and addressed to ensure that we minimise the impact on our business and our customers’ homes in the future.

Quality Assurance Declaration

By selecting the 'I agree' button below, I acknowledge and warrant that all employees of the business will maintain & adhere to Ausmar Group's Standards whilst being sub-contracting to Ausmar Group.
I Agree

Full Name of person of submitting *

Fill in the details of Capabilities and Resources

The following key personnel would be relied upon to participate in and undertake works requested.

Key Personal* Position in Company* Service Period* Years in industry* Key Skills*
Add More

The following plant and equipment is owned by this company which would be relied upon to undertake works requested.

Description Year of Manufacture Capacity, Size & Model
Add More

Fill in the details of Workplace Health and Safety

Please provide the following: • WHS Management Plan(WHMS)
• Safe Work Method Statements(SWMS)
• Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS)
• Emergency Plan (if applicable)
• Site Safety Plan (if applicable)
Has your company ever received a work improvement, prohibition notice or other fine or offence under any workplace health and safety legislation? Details:

Work Place Health & Safety Declaration

By selecting the ‘I agree’ button below, I acknowledge and warrant that all employees of the business will maintain & adhere to Ausmar Group’s Work Place Health & Safety standards, as per appendix 1, and any mandatory government WHS and industry regulations. I also warrant that current WHMS plans, SWMS & MSDS will be issued whilst being sub-contracting to Ausmar Group.
I Agree

Full Name of person of submitting*



At Ausmar Group we are committed to continuously improving our service and it won’t be without the trades help to make this possible. As one of the faces for Ausmar Group, you need to carry a high level of customer service. We offer a high level of customer service from our administration team, to your teams being on site. This is why we require your assistance in helping continue our high quality reputation.
  1. Accessibility & Responsiveness
    We will always be available for you.
    We promise to be accessible when the customer need us, and will communicate with them accurately and concisely.

    This means:
    • You must respond to our supervisors and/or customers in a timely manner.
    • Ensure that you follow up your plans with action – phoning a customer if there is a delay or you need to reschedule.
  2. Relationship & Privacy
    You can trust us.
    We promise to be reliable and worthy of your trust; we will keep your personal information accurate, safe and secure.

    This means:
    • You and your team need to listen to the customer with empathy and understanding, and be professional, competent, efficient and friendly at all times.
  3. Quality & Dependability
    You can rely on our safety and service delivery.
    We aim to deliver our high quality services on time whilst responding to the client’s specific needs and requirements.

    This means:
    • You will strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of your service delivery.
    • You will meet your obligations to the customer by ensuring you show up when you say you will and keeping to any commitments you make to the customer.
    • You and your team have a high level of product knowledge and promote your services honestly and ethically.
    • Your aim is to have all repairs completed on time and to our mutually agreed service levels.
    • You will meet the specified standards at all times.
    • In the event of a delay with repairs, you will advise either the supervisor and/or the customer about the problem as early as possible and routinely update us on your progress.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    We will continuously strive for excellence.
    We will use your feedback to improve our processes and proactively work with you to deliver solutions that improve service and increase safety and quality.

    This means:
    • We seek the customer's opinion through a customer survey to ensure we are meeting their requirements. Any feedback regarding your business will be relayed to you. Any negative feedback must be responded to with an explanation and action taken to resolve the issue.
    As a representative of Ausmar Group , we expect the highest quality and regard to customer service. We offer customer service training if requested, to help you and your team refine your communication and interpersonal skills to help achieve this goal.

  1. Integrity
    Ausmar Group’s reputation as a company that our customers can trust is our most valuable asset, and it is up to all of us to make sure that we continually earn that trust. All of our communications and other interactions with our users should increase their trust in us.
  2. Drugs and Alcohol
    Our position on substance abuse is simple: it is incompatible with the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and we don’t permit it whilst undertaking work on behalf of Ausmar Group .
  3. Dress Code
    Whilst Ausmar Group do not impose a formal dress code, it is expected that as a representative of our company, you and your staff dress in a manner that will not tarnish the reputation of our company.
  4. Punctuality
    Reliable, consistent attendance is a requirement and essential function of all of our contractors. Contractors are expected to be punctual and dependable in order to meet the needs of our customers.
  5. Discrimination
    Discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, public assistance status, disability, age, national origin, or veteran status are forbidden by Ausmar Group. Further, you and your employees will refrain from inappropriate language and behaviour whilst on the work site.
Compliance Declaration

By selecting the 'I agree' button below, I acknowledge and warrant that all employees of the business will maintain & adhere to Ausmar Group Compliance requirements whilst sub-contracting to Ausmar Group .
I Agree

Full Name of person of submitting*

Appendix 1

I/We will manage health and safety issues typical to our work by:

1. Tidiness
Ensuring work progresses in a tidy manner, work areas are kept clear of excessive rubbish and work areas are left in a clean and tidy condition. Ensuring rubbish is placed where arranged.

2. Material Handling and Storage
Ensuring materials and equipment are stored on site in a manner that does not cause injury or illness.
Indicating where materials are to be delivered and stored (signs may be erected if appropriate), taking into account where materials are used and the order in which they are used.
Smoking is banned on all worksites.
Ensure the manufacturers’ requirements regarding handling and storage of materials are followed.

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Ensuring PPE is used in accordance with the Code of Practice for PPE in the Building Industry.
Providing and ensuring the use of items of Personal Protective equipment where it is not practicable (reasonable) to control risk of injury by other means.
Ensuring helmets are worn when there is a risk of injury to the head, for example when working underneath other trades. Ensuring appropriate protective footwear is used.
Ensuring that where hazards are created by particular activities, risks are controlled by ensuring the use of PPE, or by some other means.

4. Guarding on Tools and Equipment
Ensuring guards are fitted and working effectively before tools and equipment are used.

5. Chemicals
Ensuring when using chemicals, the manufacturer’s requirements are followed.
Further information can be found on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s), which must be provided by the supplier or manufacturer upon the purchaser’s request.

6. Ladders
Ensuring ladders are of an industrial standard, comply with and are used in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 1892.4 – Portable Ladders.
Ensuring attention is given to tying off ladders to the structure, where there is a likelihood of the ladder becoming unstable.
Ensuring attention is given to base stability, particularly on soft or uneven soils.
Ensuring domestic-type ladders are not used and ladders are in a sound working condition. For example, the slip resistant feet are fitted and maintained, rungs and stiles in good condition.

7. Manual Handling
Encouraging and using good manual handling techniques.
For example:
• When bending or fitting try to vary duties or change posture
• When bending to lift objects try to maintain an inclined back and bent knees to a semi-squat where your feet are stable on the ground and you assume a powerlifter stance
• When lifting awkward and heavy items, use mechanical aids
• Where this is not possible consider team lifting where people are trained.
Ensuring the principles detailed in the Code of Practice Manual Handling in the Building Industry are followed.

8. Maintenance and Use of Equipment.
Ensuring equipment is adequately maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (for example, power tools).

9. Electrical
Ensuring portable electrical equipment is of an industrial standard. Also, all electrical equipment is to be tagged and all electrical leads to be run off ground in traffic areas.
Ensuring compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 1996 Part 15 Division 3. Ensuring residual current devices are used with all electrical equipment. Check if builder has residual current device fitted.
Ensuring power leads are located to minimise the risk of damage(eg. Kept out of puddles and plugs are kept dry). Ensuring extra protection for, or relocation of power leads occurs in areas of high traffic.
Ensuring portable electrical equipment and power leads are maintained in a safe working condition. Ensuring double adaptors, 3-pin adaptors (piggy back), and lightly constructed domestic type appliances are not used for work purposes.
Electrical contractors please note:
Ensuring electrical installation is completed in accordance with Australian Standard 3000 (SAA Wiring Rules), and is tested and connected in accordance with recognised procedures, using suitable testing equipment.
Ensuring all incomplete circuits are suitably terminated or isolated. Where there is likelihood of those circuits being inadvertently energised they are tagged.

10. Working Platforms on Trestle Ladders and Adjustable Trestles
Platforms (eg. scaffolding planks) on trestles provide a bigger, more stable surface to work from than a ladder rung.
Ensuring trestles are erected in accordance with suppliers instructions and good practice, as outlined in Australian Standard 1892 for trestle ladders – Australian Standard 1576.5 for adjustable trestles.
Ensuring platforms are as level as possible, and are stepped rather than sloped (eg. When working on gables).
Ensuring platforms are in good condition and trestles are placed on a firm surface.
Fixed scaffold on site is not to be altered or moved with the written approval of the site foreman.

11. Working Platforms on Scaffolds
Ensuring scaffolds are satisfactorily erected and used. In particular, ensuring the scaffolds comply with relevant parts of the Australian Standards for Scaffolding (AS 1576), the Advisory Standards for Falls from Heights and Advisory Standard for Scaffolding.
Ensuring the scaffold is erected in accordance with supplier’s instructions, is as near as reasonable to level, and is fully decked when being used.

12. Lighting
Providing adequate temporary lighting if work is to be undertaken in areas where there is insufficient light to work safely.

13. Ultra Violet Light
Encouraging employees to wear adequate clothing, or other protection, to protect them from the effects of working in the sun.

14. Warning Signs
Warning signs may be required for some hazardous situations. Hazardous situations may include the use of power tools and where there is a risk of being struck by falling objects.
Ensuring warning signs are clearly visible to any persons who are approaching the area in which the hazardous situation exists.

15. Licences
Ensuring appropriate licences and certificates of competency are held where required for the performance of any work (eg. an explosive powered tool certificate).

16. First Aid
Providing a first aid kit, which is adequate for the type of injuries, which may occur while performing work. There is also a first aid kit stored in all building supervisor’s vehicles. All injuries, regardless of how minor, are to be reported to the supervisor immediately after occurring.
Reporting Injuries - the building supervisor must be made aware, and records made, of every worker injury, work related illness or dangerous occurrence that occurs at the workplace to enable investigation and analysis (for future prevention and assisting Workers Compensation claims).

17. Protrusions
Protrusions include: protruding nails; tie-down bolts; reinforcing rods and mesh; bars; steel, copper and plastic tubing; metal flashings; post tensioning cables etc.
Ensuring any protrusions created are removed, bent over or guarded to eliminate or reduce risk of injury where they are a hazard.

18. Health and Safety Induction
Ensuring that employees who are unfamiliar with health and safety issues receive instructions on safe work procedures and practices.

19. Other Persons
Ensuring that my/our work does not cause health & safety problems for the other trades and the public.

20. Training and Skill
Ensuring that my/our employees are sufficiently trained and skilled to perform the work in a healthy and safe manner.

21. Excavations
Ensuring that where they present a hazard, unattended excavations are barricaded.
Ensuring the Advisory Standard for excavation is adhered to.

22. Fire Control
Ensuring a fire extinguisher is supplied where flammable paints and/or liquids are used or stored.

23. Stability of Structure During Construction
Destabilisation may be caused by: weather, wind, subsidence, construction loads, live loads, and the premature removal of temporary bracing or temporary propping.
Ensuring any structure being built remains stable during the construction process.

24. Trenching and Excavation
Ensuring that work is supervised by a person who is competent and capable of assessing the risks associated with trenching work.
This person should be knowledgeable on trenching, soil stability, appropriate shoring systems, and where possible should have experience of local soil conditions
Ensuring that trenches which people have to enter are shored where the soil is unstable or prone to collapse.
Ensuring that trenches deeper than 1.5 metres which people have to enter are shored, unless a soil engineer confirms that the trench walls are stable without shoring.
Ensuring that unattended excavations that are created are barricaded or covered where they present a hazard, and are filled as soon as practicable.

25. Plant, Cranes and Machines
Ensuring the safety instructions of drivers or licensed operators of plant are followed.

26. Insurance
Ensure that all necessary insurances are in place as required by legislation including workers compensation or personal accident insurance and professional indemnity.
27. Working Hours
Working hours generally will be between 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am-5pm. For work outside these hours is by the approval of the Principal Contractor.
28. Site Access
Vehicle access must be via the designated driveway access, there will be no parking on site. Site is to be kept clear of vehicles unless unloading or loading materials.
The following is not permitted onsite:
  • Loud Radios
  • Alcohol
  • Fighting
  • Dogs or Pets
  • No Glass Container
The use of neighbouring blocks is strictly prohibited unless authorised by the building supervisor.
29. Identification
All workers shall carry appropriate Identification at all times.
30. Breaches
If a serious breach of site safety occurs the person responsible may be removed immediately.
Otherwise -
  1st warning - Verbal
  2nd warning - Written
 3rd warning - Removal from site

Appendix 2

Upload Documents

FileName :
Required Documents (Clear Colour Copies):

Liability Insurance
License your company operates under
Representative’s personal contractor license and Safety Induction Card
First Aid Certificate (if applicable)
Statutory Declaration (to cover all employees)